!!deadline for dual enrollment at scf fall semester!!



Attention Sarasota County students!

Are you in grades 6 - 12?
Is your cumulative unweighted GPA 3.0 or better?
Are your (Reading/Writing/Math) PERT scores 150+/440+/560+, or your SAT scores 24+/24+/29+, or your ACT scores 19+/17+/23+ within the past two years?
If so, then you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes!

Here's an example of what this could mean for you:
CLEP geometry or take it in the summer between 8th and 9th grade (this fulfills the geometry requirement)
ENC 1101 (Fall semester)/ENC 1102 (Spring semester)
Math/Algebra 1 or equivalent (This fulfills the algebra requirement)
Science/Biology or equivalent (This fulfills the biology requirement)
Foreign language
World history honors (This fulfills the world history requirement)
Play a H.S. sport
ENC 2010 (Fall semester)/LIT 2000 (Spring semester) This fulfills the 4 English class requirements
DE precalc (Fall semester)/DE trig (Spring semester) (This fulfills the mathematics requirement)
AP U.S. History (This fulfills the American government requirement)
Foreign language (This fulfills the foreign language requirement)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
Play a H.S. sport/Take HOPE (This fulfills the physical education requirement)
DE class on SCF campus(Fall semester)/DE class on SCF campus (Spring semester)
DE class on SCF campus (Fall semester)/DE class on SCF campus (Spring semester)
AP Macro/AP Gov (this fulfills the economics and government requirement)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
DE class on SCF campus (Fall semester)/DE class on SCF campus (Spring semester)
DE Class on SCF campus (Fall semester)/DE class on SCF campus (Spring semester)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
AP class/honors class (potential college credit)
GRADUATION with A.A. degree (follow requirements) as well as high school diploma and college credits!

"Students are not required to take English 1 and English 2 before ENC1101 and ENC1102. Students in grades 6-12 who meet eligibility for DE classes are able to take DE classes offered at PV on the PV campus."  -Pine View School for the Gifted's guidance counsellor, 2/1/18

Registration 2018-19 Update

As parents and students look to next year's coursework options, the course catalog may recommend certain courses (AP, DE) to only junior and senior students. Please note per Florida law, accelerated courses are available to students in grades 6-12 provided they meet eligibility criteria. To ensure eligible students have access to these courses, the school district has provided the following guidance,

All courses are open to any interested student, and these suggested guidelines are never intended or used to discourage a student from taking a rigorous course.
— Steve Cantees, Exec. Director of High Schools, SCSB


The SCSB bullying policy flowchart for investigating incidences of bullying or harassment. You may also refer to the district's incident report forms and policy at their website.

bullying flowchart.png

Tips for taking the classes best for your student

Here's some useful information that has been used successfully:

If a student is told they may not take a Florida Virtual School (FLVS)online learning class, the law says otherwise,

See also this guidance from FLDOE, https://info.fldoe.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-7854/dps-wkly-2017-28.pdf

If a student is told they MUST take an AP exam or they will be billed for the exam/must pay the fee:

If a student is told that AP classes are better than Dual Enrollment classes:

If a student is told they are not allowed to change classrooms to have a different teacher (keep in mind FLVS/online learning is always an option).

If a gifted student has transferred from out-of-state, they are required to receive comparable gifted services:

The latest from our blog

wear your red shirt to protest bowden pick

There has been a community outcry over the SCSB pick of Todd Bowden as superintendent due to claims of sexual harassment and creating a hostile working environment. Tom Lyons, columnist, Sarasota Herald Tribune, does a terrific job outlining the story in his October 19 column. Please show your support for Sarasota teachers and attend the upcoming Sarasota County School Board meeting on Tuesday, November 1 at 6:30 p.m. to protest ratifying Bowden's financial contract.

Where: Sarasota County School Board, 1980 Landings Blvd., Sarasota

Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 6:30 p.m.

I think they let all the female employees of this district down.
— Barry Dubin, executive director, SCTA

sign our petition!

On December 14, 2015, the SCSB finance department changed Pine View School (which was founded in 1969 as public gifted school) to a magnet school for academically talented, without any public input. The magnet designation limits parents and students choices. Please sign our petition to remove the magnet designation.

Watch a Pine View student advocate to learn at his own pace before the Sarasota County School Board

Pine view's evolution to a "magnet" school

About us

We are a group of parents committed to ensuring quality education for students. We believe parents, students, and teachers working together are a powerful voice. As equal partners we can create innovation, efficiencies, and find new resources to make our school the best it can be.

We support keeping Pine View School for the Gifted a full-time gifted option for students as it has been since its inception in 1969.

We support Pine View students being offered the same opportunities for dual enrollment (DE) and FLVS (online classes) as the other Sarasota County public schools.

Changes are underway at the district and at Pine View that will limit options for our students. If you support keeping Pine View School for the Gifted the school it always has been, and would like to keep these options, please provide your contact information and we will be in touch with more information as it develops. We will not share your information.

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