Pine View adopts “vision” without real stakeholder input.

How many hurdles do you have to jump to take a DE course in Florida?

Hint: It depends on what county you live in…

Roadmap to getting the best school experience for you.

This site is dedicated to helping students and parents navigate the bureaucracy of the Sarasota County school system and getting an individualized education suited for their unique needs. The system is designed to make everyone the same, but as we know, students are very unique. These pages are to help you get the best courses to meet your individual education goals.


Dual Enrollment

Are you in grades 6 - 12?
Is your cumulative unweighted GPA 3.3+?
Are your (Reading/Writing/Math) PERT scores 150+/440+/560+, or your SAT scores 24+/24+/29+, or your ACT scores 19+/17+/23+ within the past two years? Do you have 5 high school course credits?
If so, then you are eligible to take Dual Enrollment classes!

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Don’t fall for scare tactics

The following email from a guidance counselor and a parent’s follow up comments show tips on how to get the courses you want.


Register for UF Online

If you are a junior or senior and have a 3.6+ GPA, you are eligible to take UF dual enrollment courses online. Fall 2019 deadline is May 5, 2019.

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