Great news!

For the past 2+ years, Pine View has misinterpreted Florida statutes and has denied Pine View students access to FLVS. They have recently corrected this mistake. 


Steps To enroll in FLVS or SVA (Sarasota Virtual Academy)

Step 1: Before your student can be placed in the course(s), Pine View’s guidance counselor must approve the enrollment.

a.) Tell your guidance counselor which online option you want: FLVS or SVA, the choice is yours. Sarasota Virtual Academy is the county on-line program for Sarasota schools; they are franchised through FLVS.  The only difference comes down to funding. If the course is taken through FLVS/FLVS then you are placed with a teacher in or sometimes out of the state of Florida and the state gets the total funding for that course.  There are approximately 20 courses offered from FLVS that Sarasota has teachers to teach, so those courses are considered FLVS/SVA. It is the same exact course, same exact work, the only difference is the teacher is in Sarasota County and the County gets part of the funding. (There was a time a couple of years ago where SVA was a completely different organization and they weren’t affiliated with FLVS so the courses were completely different.  Now it is the same FLVS course.)

b.) Request a start date. Within a week or so of that start date your student will be activated and receive a welcome call from their teacher and they can then start the course.  

c.) If you do not receive approval in a couple days, it may be a good idea for you or your student to contact the guidance counselor. All correspondence should be in writing. If you receive conflicting data then cut, copy, and paste your online conversations so you can share your information.

Step 2: Once this step is finished, FLVS/SVA will send you information on how your student can get started in the course(s). FLVS contact information can be found at the bottom of this email, if you have any questions.

Step 3:  A Parent/Guardian Account will be created for you. FLVS will send you an email to activate it. You are not required to use or login to your Parent/Guardian Account. It is a great way for you to keep track of your student’s progress.

New Student Orientation

Click the link below to view a 3-minute FLVS Quick Start (New Student Orientation) video. It contains 5 important items you'll need to know to be successful in your FLVS course.

After you watch the video, log into your Dashboard to check the status of your course.

Questions or concerns? Email or