To view the General Ledger Report for Pine View, including Principal’s Discretionary Fund (#70016), The General Dept (#60612) and the account balance for all clubs and organizations at the school as of 2/20/2017 (Click link).


*To understand the importance of dual enrollment options, read this:

*To compare Florida’s articulated acceleration programs for students in 6-12th grades:

*To read ACT’s multi-year pledge to expand Dual Enrollment:

*To read an article about gifted children and their exceptionalities:

*To view the 97-page investigative report (including footnotes and appendices) commissioned (without a formal complaint) by Sarasota County School District and former Superintendent Lori White, involving one of the "final three" candidates to become the next superintendent of Sarasota County public schools representing our students and teachers (to be announced on October 18, 2016):

*To order Moms Move Mountains, a book written by two local parents to help others navigate their children through the education system with special education survival skills:

*To learn more about Florida's Talented Twenty Program (Pine View students are not eligible?):

*To learn about the USDOE update (7/2016) regarding students with disabilities:

*To read an article comparing dual enrollment to AP courses:

*To access a Harvard study that concludes that online FLVS courses are as good as classroom courses:

*To register for Florida's Department of Education Registration for Paperless Communications to get updated information regarding education issues in Florida: (This enrollment will get you the most up-to-date Florida Department of Education information.)      

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*To view your teacher’s certification/endorsement status in Florida:

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*To view a Judy Galbraith webinar all about educating gifted students:

*To utilize information from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development for profoundly gifted children:

*To obtain “accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities”:

*To read about Florida’s Plan for K-12 Gifted Education (PDF format):

 *To report a denial of FLVS access instead of Sarasota Virtual Academy by a school (that is NOT a magnet or charter school in FL):