We beg to differ - evidence Pine View is not a magnet

At the April 19, 2016 SCSB meeting, board chair, Shirley Brown indicated Pine View has always been a magnet school. Superintendent Lori White at the same meeting said a parent alerted the district to an error in its magnet designation not being on file with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), which in turn prompted the SCSB finance department to correct this "error."

Hmmm. So for 47 years, Pine View was not listed as a magnet, but because a parent inquired about the magnet status, (due to being denied access to FLVS for their student), the finance department switched the school to a magnet school, literally overnight?

We beg to differ.

Pine View, since it's founding in 1969, has most definitely not been a magnet school. Here's the evidence:

Magnet schools generally have course progression and/or curriculum themes such as math, science, technology, performing arts etc, per magnet school language.  Pine View has never had “themes” or curriculum that followed these guidelines.

In the current 2016 US News article ranking Pine View #7 nationally, it specifically states Pine View is NOT a magnet school. Note there is a completely different ranking system for magnet schools, so we don’t know where Pine View would rank. 

The Florida School Choice magnet directory which references Sarasota County magnet schools does not include a reference for Pine View, although it does include references to other Sarasota County magnet schools.

The 2015 Green Ribbon school application for Pine View Elementary School signed on January 9, 2015 by both Pine View principal and Sarasota County Schools superintendent does not check the box classifying Pine View as a magnet school.

SCSCB School Choice website which references district options like charter schools and magnet schools that don't require a school choice application. It goes on to list the district's magnet programs and Pine View is not listed.

Additionally, from this SCSB link, p. 7, discusses the district’s magnet schools. Again, Pine View is not listed.

Given the above, why, would Pine View choose to change to a magnet school? 

As parents and students we ask what are the benefits of magnet status over the current status, and why would this change be made without transparency to all students, families, and the community impacted?

Sign our petition to remove the magnet designation from Pine View School.

Let's send a clear message that we want Pine View and the SCSB to stop limiting and denying choice!

The original purpose and intention of Mr. John Woolever and the initial group who founded Pine View in 1969 was to make it a school to support intellectually gifted students by providing a differentiated curriculum. It was not to make it a magnet school subject to magnet rules and less choices.