Dual Enrollment Action Needed

Dear Parents and Students,

We need your help. The public comment period is now open for the SCSB and the SCF 2018-19 articulation agreement for dual enrollment. The current proposed agreement will continue to limit Sarasota students.

The window for review will close on April 30.  

Please send your comments to both Lakedra Barber at Lakedra.barber@sarasotacountyschools.net and your school board members schoolboardmembers@sarasotacountyschools.net, requesting the following:

Dear school board member,

I support the following modifications to the 2018-19 SCF/SCSB articulation agreement:

  1. Publish/promote the new May 15 dual enrollment deadline immediately so our students have the opportunity to register in time. but remove the words "no exceptions,” as this is arbitrarily limiting. (Page 7)
  2. Delete the additional requirements for students in grades 6-10 which arbitrarily prohibits students who have demonstrated the ability to master advanced courses from participation. (page 20)
  3. Publish the SCF course catalog in advance of DE deadline and high school enrollment so students know what courses that can take.
  4. Provide a clear associates of arts degree pathway flowchart for our dual enrollment students so they can plan the courses they need to take.
  5. Fix the cumbersome course registration process for both middle and high school students choosing to take dual enrollment courses.
  6. Provide a clear policy on counselor responsibilities as it pertains to dual enrollment requirements.
  7. Provide a clear policy on textbook pick up and return procedures as it pertains to dual enrollment requirements.
  8. Eliminate the new SCF Placement Test Retake Policy that limits Sarasota County students from being able to take the SCF Placement Test.  Students should be allowed to take the SCF Placement Test and/or SAT/ACT without limitations. (Page 8)
  9. Allow students to take flex start classes. (Page 21)

Background references:
Link to The Articulation Agreement between Sarasota County School Board & State College of Florida http://sarasotacountyschools.net/departments/curriculum/default.aspx?id=98461 for 2018-2019.

Link to the 2017-18 articulation agreement