Confused as you try to help your student register for classes at Pine View?

Was your child told they were creating a possible "Pine View" cohort for online classes like geometry through SVA (Sarasota Virtual Academy)?

Did your child sign up for an online class and you thought it was through FLVS (Virtual school) but it turns out that the school registered your child through Sarasota Virtual Academy?

You are not alone.

You have the right to choose when your child begins an online class, which online provider teaches your child (FLVS -vs- SVA -vs. any other online program, of which there are many choices)!

If the guidance department is telling you to wait, to take the class through SVA to "keep it local", or discouraging your child from learning from non-gifted programs, you need to know that these are the tactics the district has used FOR YEARS to keep the money in the district, all at the expense of your child's education. You know your child best. Your teachers know your child's capabilities to a large extent, but even they are influenced by the very people who create their paychecks that pay their mortgages. YOU are your child's best advocate. If something doesn't sound right, it probably isn't.