Vision change without input from community = pulling a fast one

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Dear Dr. Covert,
Congratulations on Pine View School being ranked #1 in elementary, middle, and high schools at!
Given this award, our historic 50 years as a full-time gifted school, our record of incredible student successes, and our well-known tradition of excellence, please share the following:

1.) Who tasked Pine View to create a vision, something new that has never been done before to change Pine View's goals and new graduation expectations?
2.) How were committee members chosen to help create this new vision?
3.) What is the school board policy that states that a school is allowed to change their own school's goals and graduation requirements?
4.) When exactly (date, time, and room number) is the next meeting of this committee, tasked with changing Pine View's future?
5.) Will these proposed changes to Pine View School's future be brought before the school board for ratification, and if so, when exactly will this take place?

Finally, why would anyone change the goals of a #1 ranked school?